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Art of Living

Frequent lectures on Art of Living by renowned personalities from different walks of life are organized. The aim is to introduce a student to the finer aspects of human sensitivity in him.

Teaching Methodology !

Best faculty and technology assisted teaching indubitably makes for the best concoction for the students. In extension to the traditional classroom teaching, a number of other methods like web based learning, live simulation exercises and project work are encouraged so as to make delivery of knowledge more effective and enjoyable.

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Rich Repertoire of Knowledge

In today's ever changing working environment fresh and up-to-date course content is the need of the hour. To address this need, special review teams are set to revise the course content and add newer and wider dimensions to the existing content from time to time.


Welcome in Kishori Lal Mahavidyalaya

Proper development of a students personality depends upon home, society, school and college. The sum total impact of these factors has a great influence on the life of the student.

The main aim of education is to develop these abilities. If proper care is taken at home and college then the student develops as a complete individual. The best resources of a nation are its human resources. If the right direction is given to the individual, the nation gets the best citizens. The nation is benefitted only if every individual gives his/her best performance.

In the context, it is advisable for the parents to take care of the interest of the student while selecting any profession for him/her. Nothing should be imposed upon the student. Every profession is a good profession if it is according to the choice of the student. As an advice to the parents they should be open-minded for the future of their child.

Teaching methodologies practiced in the College for realizing and actualizing the foretasted goals and aspirations comprise of a judicious blend of theory and practice. Class-room lectures dotted with paper-presentations (by teachers and students both using audio-visual equipments and projectors), regular periods allocated for assignments tutorials, tests, seminars, work shops, and field and on job experiences throughout the year are some of the regular activities adopted by the College to make students get interested in the engaging and joyous affair of teaching and learning. Arrangement of Internship facilities and placement service to benefit the students of professional courses in seeking good jobs, guest-lectures of experienced academicians and professionals for familiarizing and exposing them to the latest findings and advancements made in their field of knowledge, as also to the nuances of the art and science of the teaching-learning practices are some of the regular and routing features of the College. The College is proud of its dedicated faculty which closely monitors the thoughts, actions and learning out-comes of their students and are always there to act as friend, philosopher and guide whenever required. Their efforts to draw out the best talents and potentials of the students to the fore and their willingness to help them make the right, choices decisions and actions when confronted with real life challenges and practical aspects of living are some of those strengths of the college that have helped it earn a positive reputation amongst the community.

Upholding the ideology of promoting excellence, the College has always worked towards building a kind of social ethos in its class-rooms and campus which may helps broaden the social, emotional and mental horizons of the learners and allows them to develop broad perspectives and global views and become more tolerant, secular, open minded, generous human beings and active, energetic, imaginative and socially useful, productive, members of the work-force dedicated to the growing and developing economy of the country.